Site Managment system

Live on-site work tracking

View live progress on your teams at different sites with live costing breakdown of slips so you can dramatically reduce surprises. Be in the know with this telecommunication management system.


Lower your running costs

Provide details on where your teams need to fill up on fuel or where they should stay for the night. You can load establishments that you have discount deals with. 


Get paid faster for less

Collect all the on-site photos and all the documents easily from the team on-site and have them emailed to process payment.

Site Assist App Platforms

Occupational Health and Safety

All your teams important documentation on hand and ready to email whoever needs them. This telecom network management software has a 


Live reporting 

Don’t miss a thing!  From the statuses of the job cards, to your live running expenses for the month. Less stress and more business growth. A leading digital job card app.


Take care of your staff

Keep track of staff qualification documentation, allowing them to have it on hand. Track leave, company expense and staff details.



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Manage your teams

Telecommunications Towers

cell tower team maintenanceSite Assist was originally designed for cell tower installation and maintenance companies. Supporting this sector to monitor and track all the teams and expenses live.

If you are in this sector, then find out more about how we have built a unique system that saves your time and money for your industry. 

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Wind Renewable Energy

Wind Turbines Rope Access

With our rope access focus, Site Assist is the perfect team management system for your business. Keeping track of all the sites that have down for maintenance, from progress to expenses.

If this is your sector, get valuable details on how Site Assist can save you time and money in your industry.

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Saving your business from the unforseen problems

Excess travelling

loosing income

Heath and safety clams

Getting invoices paid

I work in telecoms industry and Site Assist has made things so much easier. My field teams can update in minutes and I have full control over every expense and project tracking.


Jaun Egelhoff / JKE Industries (Telecoms)
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